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There's No Debate: Avflight Preferred Locations for Politicians
FEBRUARY 26, 2016 / BUSINESS AVIATION NEWS / SAGINAW, MI – Avflight Corporation offers this year’s preferred FBO locations for Michigan debates—the GOP presidential debate on March 3 in Detroit and the Democratic presidential debate on March 6 in Flint—with prime fly-in locations for both sides of the aisle at DET and FNT.


Avflight is a privately-owned company serving the global aviation industry with a wide range of solutions to support the safe, convenient and expeditious movement of people and goods. Specific solutions for a broad portfolio of market segments make Avflight one of the industry’s most dynamic companies.


Avflight Saginaw

Only the Best: Avflight Saginaw offers everything from charter and freight handling to catering and concierge guidance -- and it does so 24 hours a day! Located at the MBS International Airport (MBS), Avflight Saginaw is a smart alternative to the busier airports of the region.

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