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Avflight is a privately-owned company serving the global aviation industry with a wide range of solutions to support the safe, convenient and expeditious movement of people and goods. Specific solutions for a broad portfolio of market segments make Avflight one of the industry’s most dynamic companies.


PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. / September 2, 2021 / AVIATION NEWS – Avflight Corporation is proud to announce the addition of its 24th FBO: Avflight Plattsburgh at Plattsburgh International Airport in New York, serving the entire Plattsburgh, Montréal and Lake Placid region, including upstate New York, southern Quebec and Vermont.

Avflight Disinfection Services

As a trusted name in aviation support services, Avflight would like to be your proud partner for all disinfection needs. We specialize in the disinfection of aircraft, jet bridges, airline terminals, airport operations equipment, airport operations facilities and ground service equipment. 

Avflight uses EPA-Approved VITAL-OXIDE to effectively disinfect surfaces using both equipment manufacturers’ directives and NBAA guidelines.

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