Avflight: Serving the global aviation industry. 

Avflight is a privately-owned international company headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, serving the aviation industry with a tradition of innovation for the past 20+ years.

As a dynamic company, Avflight supports the safe, convenient and expeditious movement of people and goods around the globe. Offering multiple business lines and unique operational expertise, Avflight provides very specific solutions for a broad portfolio of aviation industry market segments.

The scope of Avflight’s services is vast, ranging from FBO ownership and management with 23 locations and counting, to the special handling requirements of airline, cargo and large-scale military operations.

Our strength lies in our knowledgeable and insightful staff, and established professional protocols. These practices are constantly reviewed and retooled, allowing Avflight to provide the best products and an unparalleled aviation experience.

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Four Guiding Principles

•  Uncompromised Safety

•  Incomparable Customer Experience

•  Smart Resource Management

•  Continuous Training and Education

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  • 47 West Ellsworth
  • Ann Arbor, MI 48108
  • +1 734-663-6466