PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. / September 2, 2021 / AVIATION NEWS – Avflight Corporation is proud to announce the addition of its 24th FBO: Avflight Plattsburgh at Plattsburgh International Airport in New York, serving the entire Plattsburgh, Montréal and Lake Placid region, including upstate New York, southern Quebec and Vermont.

“The addition of Avflight Plattsburgh provides a key position for the Avflight Network in the Northeast,” said Garrett Hain, Avflight’s vice president of finance. “This location serves as the ultimate gateway to thriving international businesses and leisure destinations throughout the region. We are proud to bring Avflight’s expertise and passion for aviation, backed by a network of 24 FBOs, to PBG, connecting our loyal customers with the facilities and services they expect in the Avflight Network.”  

As the sole full-service FBO at the airport, Avflight Plattsburgh offers 24-hour fueling services (including jet fuel and avgas), U.S. Customs, aircraft parking, hangar space, expert ground handling, a GPU/power cart, courtesy transportation, rental cars, catering, aircraft maintenance, weather service access and professional concierge services. The FBO is an Avfuel-branded location, offering competitive pricing and transaction ease with Avfuel Contract Fuel and lucrative rewards with AVTRIP.

Avflight will establish its new FBO business out of the field’s existing facilities, including: a 12,852-square-foot heated hangar; two 10-bay T-hangars; more than 100,000 gallons of fuel storage; a self-serve avgas pump; a 200,000-square-foot ramp; and a 5,600-square-foot FBO terminal building. Avflight’s facilities and services allow the operation to accommodate any size corporate jet at KPBG. 

Now that the Avflight’s agreement with the airport is finalized, it will turn its attention to modernizing the facilities to the Avflight brand, including new signage, design elements and décor. Once updated, the FBO will feature well-appointed passenger and pilot lobbies, a flight planning room, a snooze room, and a conference room with full A/V and seating for 12. 

Conveniently located within upstate New York’s go-to metropolis, Avflight Plattsburgh grants customers easy access to a number of businesses and popular leisure destinations, including: Lake Champlain, the Adirondacks, outdoor guide services, museums, golf resorts and more.    

Avflight Corporation operates at strategically-located airports in North America and Europe, specializing in corporate, commercial, and military traffic and services. All Avflight locations are part of the Avfuel Network, offering a full array of Avfuel fueling products and services, such as Avfuel Contract Fuel and AVTRIP rewards.


Avflight operates a network of strategically-located, full-service FBOs across North America and Europe. All Avflight locations provide full fueling and line-service operations as well as a wide variety of amenities. Customers range from corporate jet traffic to freight and cargo companies, as well as charter operations and small aircraft. Each Avflight location is staffed by experienced professionals who undergo continual training to ensure that each customer and aircraft receive the safest, most efficient and friendliest service. Avflight is part of the Avfuel-Branded Network of 650+ FBOs around the globe.


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