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Contact Information

P: +1 662-328-9312
F: +1 662-328-1981
0600 - 2000 local

1900 Airport Drive
Columbus, MS 39701 


General Manager

Steve Daquilla
M: +1 662-386-7347

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Golden Triangle Regional Airport


Flight and Pilot Services

Conference room
Passenger lounge
Pilot lounge
Concierge services
Business center
(Please call FBO for catering requests with less than 24-hour lead time.)
Flight-planning room
Satellite weather facilities
Pilot Courtesy car 
Onsite and offsite rental cars
Ground-power unit
De and anti-icing
Lavatory service
Potable water service
Light aircraft maintenance
Oxygen service
Nitrogen service
Fuel volume discounts
Certified line techs 




Jet, Jet with Additive, Avgas
Avfuel Contract Fuel

Up to C-5 Galaxy


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  • 47 West Ellsworth
  • Ann Arbor, MI 48108
  • +1 734-663-6466