Willow Run


Willow Run Airport (KYIP) | Belleville, MI

CAA Preferred FBO

AVTRIP Points Available

⇒ 24 Hours / 7 Days a week

⇒ ARINC:  129.40

⇒ UNICOM:  129.15

[email protected]

⇒ +1 734-482-2621



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Contact Us

Contact Us

Sherman Flake

General Manager
→ +1 734-368-2877
[email protected]

Driving Directions

Willow Run Airport  | 2055 C Street, Belleville, MI 48111

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Full FBO Services


Certified Line Techs

Light Aircraft MX


Potable Water

Oxygen and Nitrogen


On-Site Rental Cars

Courtesy Vehicle

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Avfuel Pro Card

CAA Preferred

Passenger and Pilot Amenities

Elevating comfort and convenience

Well-appointed lobby

Pilot Lounge

Conference Room

Snooze Room

Flight Planning Room

Easy Access to Ramp

Tenant Office Suites


“Helpful ground crew – New everything – Cozy crew lounge, big screen TV, PCs & printers, very clean.”

– Paolo Polizzy

“Very nice and comfortable facilitates. Good and prompt service. Excellent FBO!”

– Guilherme Schmidt

“Private airport, friendly staff and good service. Parking is available.”

– Saurabh Shegokar